The IMF's World Economic Outlook - key figures for Greece, Japan and China.

Greece stress in the euro area triggered by policy uncertainty associated with Greece or political turbulence in the euro area could reemerge and re-intensify the links between banks and sovereigns and the real economy.
— IMF report


And after a disappointing 2014, growth in Japan is also projected to pick up, sustained by a weaker yen and lower oil prices.
— IMF report
...more forceful structural reforms (the
third arrow of Abenomics) should be the priority.
— IMF report


....further progress to gradually shift the composition of demand toward domestic consumption and reduce reliance on credit and investment would help forestall medium-term risks of financial disruption or a sharp slowdown.
— IMF report
....slowdown in China (that) reflects a move toward a more sustainable pattern of growth that is less reliant on investment
— IMF report

U.S versus the world


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