Ebola Crisis: Sierra Leone battles to contain the deadly virus

Ebola is continuing to cause death and despair in West Africa.

Up to November 30th, a total of 7,312 people had contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone, with 1,583 deaths. 

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WHO figures released today show that Sierra Leone now has more cases of Ebola than Liberia - 7,780 cases in Sierra Leone and 7,719 in Liberia.

Today, the Ministry of Health and Sanitation reported there were 58 new cases in the last 24 hours. 

Over a 9-day period from late November to early December, there were 606 new cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone. 197 people died. 

On November 25th, there were 5,595 cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone. There were 6,201 cases 9 days later, on December 3rd. 

In the same time period, the number of deaths increased from 1,254 to 1,451. 

Google Maps

Google Maps

Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, is the worst affected area in the country. There were 202 new cases in the week ending November 30th in Freetown. 

More information on the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and elsewhere is available on the World Health Organisation's website