Netflix releases speed index for November 2014; Virgin and UPC come out on top

Netflix have released their ISP Speed Index for November 2014. 

In the UK and Ireland, two Liberty Global owned firms come out on top - Virgin Media and UPC. 

Figures from Netflix

Virgin Media's average streaming speed in prime time was 3.49 megabits per second - compared to 2.69mbps in November 2013. BT's average of 3.19mbps compared to 2.50mbps in November 2013. 

In Ireland, UPC jumped from being the 5th placed ISP in the index in November last year to first place last month.

UPC's average Netflix streaming speed in prime time in November 2013 was just 1.66 mbps versus 3.20mbps last month. 

While Ireland couldn't top the 3mbps barrier, it did record the biggest gains year on year with the average Netflix streaming speed jumping from 1.00mbps to 2.78mbps


Netflix notes that in the United States, certain internet service providers only increased the prime time Netflix streaming speeds on their networks after Netflix agreed to pay them an 'interconnection' fee. 

Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and AT&T are the ISPs in question. 

Netflix say this puts the 'long-term health of the Internet' at risk.