Headlines Elsewhere: Theresa May on cover up

  • Sky News lead with Theresa May's remarks that a report on whether the Home Office has covered up child abuse allegations in the 1980's came to the verdict that it was 'case not proved, not case not guilty'. 
  • BBC News lead with the news that the European Court of Justice has set a legal precedent in its ruling that there should be some restrictions to the benefits available to unemployed migrants. 
  • The New York Times lead on the breakthrough talks between China and the United States with regard tariffs on high tech goods. 
  • Buzzfeed lead with live coverage of the last U.S ebola patient being released from hospital. 
  • Journal.ie lead with the findings of the Garda Inspectorate report; specifically the finding that Garda√≠ lacked empahty towards some assault and domestic violence victims