Ireland: Rents rise 10.8 per cent year on year

  • Research by shows that rents in Ireland for Q3 between June and August increased 10.8 per cent versus the same period last year and that stock on the market was the lowest since mid 2007.
  • Rent rises slowed in Dublin for first time in five years; up 14.5 per cent on Q3 2013. 
  • Ronan Lyons, economist for 'In the capital, rents are now almost 30% above their lowest point in 2012 and less than 10% below their 2007 peaks'. 
  • Around Dublin rents also rose; Wicklow rents were up 12.9 per cent, Kildare up 13.5 per cent and Meath up 10.9 per cent. 

The Daft Report (PDF)