World Summary: Reporter killed in Syria

Al Jazeera says one of its reporters killed covering a gun battle in Syria

  • Mahran Al Deeri was reporting from Al Sheikh Maskin, its claimed he crashed his car while driving with his headlights off to avoid gun fire from Assad regime forces. 

Cheney says President Bush knew about CIA torture methods

  • Former VP Dick Cheney tells Fox News that Senate report was 'deeply flawed'; although he admitted he hadn't read all of the 500 page document. 

6 Afghan soldiers killed in Kabul bombing

  • Suicide attack took place in capital city's suburbs, the BBC say the Taliban have claimed responsibility. 

Congress still talking over spending bill ahead of midnight deadline 

  • Despite disagreements emerging over provisions in the bill relating to political finance and the scaling back of Wall Street reform; short term funding bill may instead be passed today.