Facebook posts full year revenues of almost $18 billion in 2015

  • Facebook amassed revenues of $5.841 billion in the three months to December versus $3.851 billion over the same period in 2014.
  • Total revenue for 2015 was $17.928 billion versus $12.466 billion in 2014 - a 44% increase. 

  • Advertising revenue rose 57% year on year in the fourth quarter to $5.637 billion - the company said 80% of advertising revenue came from mobile ads. 

  • Facebook had a huge 1.04 billion average daily active users in December, up 17% on December 2014. 

  • Monthly active users were at 1.59 billion as of December 31st - Twitter, by comparison, had 307 million monthly active users at the end of the quarter ending in September. 

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Facebook's mobile revolution

in millions

In the latest quarter 823 million of Facebook's 1.59 billion monthly active users only visited the social network on mobile devices

Apple cites unprecedented global environment for disappointing quarter

  • Apple reported its first quarter earnings, for the three months to December, on Tuesday - they revealed that iPhone sales in terms of units were flat compared to the same period last year, while iPad sales were down 25% and Mac sales were down 4%. 

  • It was the slowest quarter for iPhone sales growth since the hugely successful product launched in 2007. 

  • Total revenues for the quarter were $75.872 billion, up 2% year on year. 

  • Apple noted, if currency was held constant, revenues would have been up 8% - the company said in a press release that $100 of non-U.S revenue in Q4 2014 was the equivalent of just $85 today. 

  • Apple CFO Luca Maestri told Reuters that the company was seeing signs of 'economic softness' heading in the current quarter, which runs until March. 

  • The company's revenue in Greater China grew by 14% year on year, as illustrated. 

  • Apple forecast revenue of between $50 billion and $53 billion in Q2 2016, below the estimates of analysts survey byBloomberg of $55.5 billion. 

Senior executives leave Twitter

Twitter's relatively slow growth has frustrated shareholders

  • Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey has confirmed that four senior executives are leaving the social network. 

  • Alex Roetter, SVP for engineering, Katie Stanton, SVP for media, Kevin Weil, SVP for product and Skip Schipper, SVP for HR were the executives mentioned in a tweet by Mr. Dorsey on Sunday night. *

  • Jason Toff, the boss of Twitter's video platform Vine, said he was also departing to work on virtual reality for Google. *

  • Twitter's slow user growth and concerns about its general direction have weighed on the company's share price. 

Sky signs pan-European content deal with Showtime as Netflix rivalry heats up

  • Sky has signed a 'long term' licensing deal worth a reported £300 million to exclusively broadcast programming from CBS' premium network Showtime across its five European territories. 

  • The deal allows Sky to show new and future programming from Showtime over the course of the contract, including Billions this year and Twin Peaks in 2017. *

  • Sky already has an exclusive agreement to broadcast new and future HBO programming in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy in a deal that was extended last November up to 2020.   

  • The Showtime programming will join HBO programming on 'Sky Atlantic' and will also be available on Sky's Netflix rivals Now TV in the UK and Sky Online in Italy and Germany.

  • Sources told The Wall Street Journal that Sky had seen off Netflix in the bidding, with the U.S streaming firm interested in individual Showtime programmes rather than the whole library.  

  • The UK-based pay TV giant, which is 39% owned by 21st Century Fox, has been diversifying its offering beyond live sport in a bid to maintain its dominant position in an increasingly competitive media landscape. 

  • However sport remains a key driver of growth and retention for Sky, as illustrated by the huge €4.176 billion outlay the firm will pay over three years for the English Premier League from August. +

Sky's customer base at a glance


Sky vs Netflix

Republican party replaces NBC with CNN for pre-Super Tuesday debate

  • The Republican National Committee has decided to replace NBC as the host broadcaster for their debate in Houston, Texas on February 26th. *

  • CNN will be the broadcast partner for the debate, taking the total number of Republican debates broadcast on the cable network in this election cycle to four. 

  • Republicans were unhappy with how NBC's financial network CNBC handled a debate in October, accusing the moderators of asking 'gotcha' questions and attempting to embarrass the GOP presidential candidates. 

  • The debate on February 26th comes days ahead of Super Tuesday, when voters in 14 states will go to the polls.

Palin endorses Trump

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, has endorsed Donald Trump to be the Republican party's nomination for president - a boost for Mr. Trump 13 days ahead of the Iowa caucus. +

DNC adds last minute debate

The Democratic National Committee has added a town hall style debate to their debate schedule - it will be aired on CNN on Monday, exactly a week before the Iowa caucus.