Taiwan set for January 16th election

  • Tsai Ing-wen, leader of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, topped the final poll ahead of national elections due to be held a week on Saturday. 

  • The DPP have been leading in opinion polls for months and Ms. Tsai is widely expected to replace Ma Ying-jeou of the ruling Nationalists (KMT) as president - Mr. Ma is in eligible to run for a third term

  • Eric Chu, the party's chairman, is running as KMT's presidential candidate. 

  • KMT favours closer ties with China - President Ma met with President Xi in November - while the DPP is considered more 'China hostile', though it has moved closer to the centre ground in recent years and Ms. Tsai has said she is in favour of maintaining the status quo in terms of China-Taiwan relations. 

  • In addition to the presidential election, Taiwan will also hold legislative elections on January 16th. 


Anti-climax for far right in France

  • In stark contrast to its performance in the first round of regional elections, the far right Front Nationale suffered a major setback in Sunday's second round. 
  • Marine Le Pen's party was squeezed by the traditional parties as Nicolas Sarkozy's Republicans and President Hollande's Socialists divided up the regions and voters locked out Le Pen and co.

  • Nationalists won in Corsica, which is counted as the 13th mainland region. 


December 7th, 2015

National Front on top in French regional elections

  • Marine Le Pen's National Front secured important gains in the first round of regional elections in France on December 6th - the far-right party was top in six of thirteen mainland regions. 

  • The second round takes place on December 13th. 


Opposition victory in Venezuela

  • Venezuela's opposition secured a landmark victory over the ruling socialists in the December 6th election. 
  • The Roundtable of Democratic Unity coalition won 99 seats to the Socialist Party's 46 seats in the National Assembly.

  • The Socialist Party, which also holds the presidency, has controlled the National Assembly for the past 16 years

Tanzania Election: John Magufuli wins

  • John Magufuli, of the governing CCM party, has won Tanzania's presidential election 58% of the vote - his closest rival, Edward Lowassa, won just short of 40% of the votes.

  • Mr. Lowassa has refused to recognise the result, making allegations of vote rigging. 

  • In a statement, UN Secretary General Ban-Ki moon congratulated 'the people, Government and political parties of Tanzania for the peaceful and orderly manner in which the country held its elections'.