Obama administration gives Shell the nod to drill in the Arctic

  • The Bureau of Safety and Environmental said on Tuesday it had approved Shell's request to carry out exploratory drilling off Alaska. 

The political dimension

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Twitter that the Arctic was a 'unique treasure' and that drilling there was not worth the risk.

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush responded to his rival, saying that her position to the left on President Obama on this issue made her 'extreme'. 


Trials of book that filters unclean water prove successful

  • The pages of 'The Drinkable Book' provide information about the importance of using clean water, while they also act as filters thanks to nanoparticles that kill bacteria.  

  • Presenting the results of 25 trials in five different countries to the American Chemical Society, Dr. Teri Dankovich said that the book removed 99 percent of the bacteria in contaminated water.