Obama steps up gun control push

  • President Obama has stepped up efforts to secure public backing for his executive orders on gun controls. 
  • Mr. Obama announced the modest actions he intends to take in an emotional speech on Tuesday, including enhanced background checks on people purchasing guns. 

  • In an opinion piece for The New York Times published on Thursday, Obama said he would not support any candidate who did not advocate what he described as 'common sense gun reform'. +

  • The president took part in a town hall style debate on CNN on Thursday evening to make his case to the American people that action had to be taken to tackle the epidemic of gun violence in the U.S.

  • Ahead of that programme, CNN released a poll of 1027 people found 67% of respondents to be in favour of the proposals outlined by Obama earlier this week. *

Gun controls: Obama to discuss executive actions on Monday

  • President Obama will meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey on Monday to, according to the White House, 'discuss what actions he can take to curb gun violence'. *
  • President Obama returned from holiday in Hawaii on Sunday, as leading Republican presidential candidates took to political talk shows to criticise the president's expected executive orders. +

  • Despite the epidemic of gun violence in the U.S, there has been no appetite among the Republican controlled Congress to pass legislation to tighten gun laws. 

  • Mr. Obama will take part in a 'town hall' debate focused on gun violence on Thursday - the event will be staged by CNN. +

We know that we can’t stop every act of violence. But what if we tried to stop even one? What if Congress did something – anything – to protect our kids from gun violence?
— Pres. Obama on January 1st

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