Moldovan parliament elects new government amid protests


  • The Moldovan parliament has voted in a new pro-EU government led by Pavel Filip after months of uncertainty and turmoil.

  • Mr. Filip, a member of the Democratic Party, secured 57 votes in the 101 seat parliament. +

  • Pro-Russian opposition MPs boycotted the vote, while protesters outside called for early elections - some opposed the government's pro-EU stance, while others were focused on tackling political corruption in the country. 

  • In late October, Valeriu Strelet's government fell after it lost a confidence vote in parliament - Moldova has been gripped by a corruption scandal over the disappearance of €1 billion from the country's banking system. +

  • The EU called for all sides to exercise restraint and 'find, together, a way forward for the Republic of Moldova'. *

The make-up of Moldova's parliament

moldova parliament make-up