Huge donation to Malaysian PM was from Saudi royal family

  • Malaysia's attorney general has cleared Prime Minister Najib Razak of any criminal wrongdoing over the transfer of $681 million into his bank account from the Saudi royal family. 
  • Mohamed Apandi Ali said the donation was given to the prime minister 'without any consideration' and was not 'a form of gratification given corruptly'. 

  • The money was transferred into Mr. Razak's account in the spring of 2013 and, according to the attorney general's report, the prime minister then returned $620 million in August of the same year to the Saudi royals. 

  • The money was returned because, according to the attorney general's four page report, it was not 'utilised'. 

  • Malaysia's opposition questioned the attorney general's impartiality, noting that Mr. Apandi had been appointed after the prime minister sacked his predecessor in July last year amid an ongoing corruption scandal at the country's development fund.+

  • In a statement on Facebook, PM Najib welcomed the report and said the issue had been an 'unnecessary distraction' for Malaysia.