Bangkok bombing suspect 'wasn't alone'

  • An arrest warrant has been sought by the Royal Thai Police for a young man over Monday's bomb attack at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok - a sketch of the suspect, who was seen in CCTV footage leaving a bag at the scene, has been released. 

  • AP reported that police chief Somyot Poompanmoung said the attack was carried out 'by a network' - two other people seen in CCTV footage at the scene are also suspects. 

Thai police looking for Bangkok blast suspect

  • A man who was seen on CCTV leaving his backback at the Erawan Shine is being sought by police in Thailand investigating who was behind Monday's bomb attack in the centre of Bangkok in which 22 people are now said to have died. 

  • On Tuesday, a man dropped a small explosive device from a bridge in Bangkok - it fell into a canal and there were no injuries.