World Summary: News from Ukraine, Greece and Germany


  • There have been reports of artillery fire in both Donetsk and Mariupol. 

United Kingdom

  • 19-year-old Brusthom Ziamani has been found guilty of preparing a terrorist act; he was plotting to behead a British soldier with a knife but was arrested in August 2014.


  • In a letter to the President of the Eurogroup, the Greece's Finance Minister formerly requested a 6 month extension to the country's bail out programme.


  • The Germany Finance Ministry rejected the proposal saying it lacked substance; the Eurogroup will meet in Brussels on Friday.


United States

  • A summit hosted by President Obama in Washington DC to discuss ways to tackle extremism has concluded; Obama said the notion the west was at war with Islam was an 'ugly lie'. 

World Summary: Snowstorm impacting travel in Istanbul


  • Flights were disrupted at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul earlier due to a snowstorm that has hit the Turkish capital. 

United Kingdom 

  • Chelsea FC have condemned fans who prevented a black man from boarding a Paris Metro last night; the club said they would support any prosecution of the supporters and any potential stadium banning order.

  • The Met say they are examining footage of the incident. 

United Kingdom

  • UK unemployment fell to 5.7 per cent in the last quarter of 2014


  • The Greek government will request a 6 month extension of its bail out loan agreement later today; its unclear what terms will be demanded by Greece and what terms will be accepted by European leaders.


  • Government forces have begun withdrawing from Debaltseve, handing a key victory to Russian-backed rebels. 


  • The Nigerian military claims it killed around 300 Boko Haram fighters in an operation to reclaim a number of towns overrun by the terror group. 

United States/Syria

  • The Wall Street Journal reports that the United States will equip Syrian rebels with radios to allow them to call in coalition air strikes; similar to an initiative used with Iraqi Kurds. 


  • The Bank of Japan made no changes to its expansive monetary policy at it's policy meeting, which wrapped up this morning; the BoJ said they expected Japan's economy to continue to experience a 'moderate recovery'. 


  • HSBC's Geneva offices have been searched by police investigating money laundering allegations in light of recent media reports about the activities of the bank's Swiss unit. 

World Summary: 11 killed in Nigeria suicide bombing


  • An eyewitness has told AFP that 11 people were killed in a suicide bombing near the town of Biu in Nigeria's northeast. 


  • The Taliban carried out a suicide bombing on a police headquarters in the capital of Logar province; killing at least 20 police officers. 


  • At least 5 people were killed in a suicide bombing outside a police headquarters in Lahore. 


  • A delegation of Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, is travelling to Cuba today. 


  • Frederic Fevre, the prosecutor in the trial of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has called for the former IMF chief to be acquitted of 'pimping' charges. 

United Kingdom 

  • UK inflation fell to a lowest on record 0.3 per cent in January. 


  • PM Alexis Tsipras has called for parliament to vote on a social reform bill on Friday.

  • Tsipras has also named former New Democracy interior minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos as his nominee for President; unity candidate almost certain to be elected by parliament. 

World Summary: Big day for Greece-EU talks


  • Euro area finance ministers met in Brussels ealrier but failed to reach an agreement on Greece after the Greek government rejected a proposed extension to its EU- IMF bail out programme. 


  • Egyptian forces bombed ISIS targets in Libya on Monday morning. 


  • Danish police have arrested two people for aiding a gunmen in two shooting incidents at a free speech gathering and a synagogue in Copenhagen over the weekend in which two people died; the 22 year old gunmen was shot dead by police. 


  • Over 36 hours in, the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine appears to be holding. 


  • Stephen Kavanagh, an Aer Lingus veteran, has been named the airline's new chief executive; comes at a crucial moment in the IAG takeover bid. 

Hong Kong

  • A HK ferry captain has been given an 8 year prison sentence after being found guilty of manslaughter over the 2012 ferry collision that killed 39 people.


  • Japan emerged from a recession in the final quarter of 2014 but the figures still disappointed market watchers. 


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Human Rights Watch condemns 'mass rape' in Darfur


  • Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday that Sudanese army personnel raped over 221 women and girls in Darfur over a 36 hour period in October 2014. 

  • HRW said the horrific incident should be investigated as a crime against humanity and called on the UN and the African Union to take steps to prevent a repeat of the apparent atrocity. 

  • 2 army officers told HRW that their superior officers had ordered them to 'rape women'. 


  • The United States, Britain and France have all withdrawn their diplomatic staff from Yemen citing security concerns following the seizure of power in the country by the Houthi Shiite rebels.

United States 

  • A man, his wife and her sister were killed in a shooting on Tuesday night in the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina; they were aged between 19 and 23 and were all Muslims. 

  • 46 year old Craig Stephen Hicks has been charged with three counts of first degree murder; police say they will investigate if the incident was a hate crime. 

China/United States

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday accepted an invitation from U.S President Barack Obama to visit Washington DC in September on a state visit. 


  • Today was the last day in the trial of Francesco Schettino, who was the captain of the stricken Costa Concordia, which ran aground in 2012 in an incident that killed 32 people.

  • Schettino found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 16 years in jail. 


  • Two people, the pilot and a co-pilot of an Indian army helicopter, were killed on Wednesday when their aircraft crashed into a forest and burst into flames in Kashmir.