War in Yemen: Heavy civilian toll as Saudis seek to repel Houthi rebels


Since March 2015, a coalition of Gulf nations led by Saudi Arabia has been carrying out military action in Yemen through extensive airstrikes and some ground troops. There have been thousands of civilian casualties.

The intervention was spurred by the advance of Shia Houthi rebels on the capital Sanaa in February 2015 and then on the southern port city of Aden. 

Yemen's military split, with some forces loyal to President Hadi, who is backed by the Gulf coalition, and others loyal to ex-president Saleh, who is aligned with the Houthis. 

The warring sides

The huge impact on Yemenis

March 26th 2015 - March 17th 2016, UN data

March 26th 2015 - March 17th 2016, UN data



UN data

UN data

WHO data

WHO data

Map of Yemen


MSF demands 'answers' as ambulance is hit by airstrikes

  • In yet another incident of its activities in Yemen being directly affected the the war in Yemen, Médecins Sans Frontières says that an ambulance from a hospital it supports in the Saada district was hit by an airstrike, killing the driver.
  • MSF said on Monday that it would ask the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission to investigate an incident in January in which six people were killed in an attack on a hospital in northern Yemen. 

UN chief concerned at use of cluster munitions in Yemen

  • In a statement released on Friday, the United Nations said that Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon was 'deeply concerned' about the intensification of fighting in Yemen between the Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels. *
  • The UN chief urged all sides in the conflict to stop directing attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure - the statement notes reports of airstrikes on civilian buildings in Sanaa, including a centre for the blind. 

  • The use of cluster munitions in 'several locations' in the Yemeni capital on Wednesday 'may amount to a war crime', the statement says. 


War in Yemen: Peace talks in Geneva

Hundreds of children killed, injured in Yemen conflict

The conflict the world forgot?

  • The United Nations said on Monday that over 400 children had been killed and over 600 injured as a result of the Yemen conflict between mid March and the end of August.

  • Leila Zerrougui, Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, said on Sunday that 73% of injuries and deaths among children in the second quarter could be attributed to air strikes being carried out by the coalition of nations led by Saudi Arabia targeting the Houti rebels.

  • Separately on Monday, at least 30 people were reported by Reuters to have been killed after a coalition air strike on a Houthi security compound. 

Civilian death toll

OHCHR, 23/3/15 - 27/8/15