What is 5 (TIMES 4)?


5 (TIMES 4) brings you the news at a glance, with a particular focus on foreign affairs, economics, politics and the intersection of media and technology.  


The idea.

The goal is for 5 (TIMES 4) to make an impact by offering something different, something lacking in the current news marketplace: a simple way of getting up to date with the biggest stories of the moment without being inundated by images, video, embedded social media or opinion pieces.

5 (TIMES 4) is crisp and clear. It's quick and easy to read, while also providing our users with ways to get more depth on the stories of the day through links to external content and to our own Storyboards.  

The story so far.

5 (TIMES 4) 'soft launched' in late October 2014 and since then we have been experimenting with lots of different ways of providing fast, accurate and important news to as wide an array of people as possible. 5 (TIMES 4) has successfully covered a host of major events, from elections in Turkey and the United Kingdom to the war on ISIS and the Greek debt crisis.

5 (TIMES 4) version 4.0 went live in September 2015 and was followed in January by a tweaked version that clearly distinguishes between the four news categories we follow. In March 2016 we launched our most refined, well executed design yet with a focus on our core topics and recurring big stories.  

what is 5times4 news?



5 (TIMES 4) looks great on desktops but it is made for mobile and in recent months we have focused our efforts on ensuring that first time users see our service at its best, on mobile. Over 70% of our users so far this January have viewed 5 (TIMES 4) on a mobile device. 



5 (TIMES 4) has over 14,000 'likes' on Facebook and posts daily video bulletins bringing users the latest news at a glance in addition to regular graphics illustrating the stories that matter.

On Twitter, where the focus has been on covering breaking stories and set piece new events, our tweets have had hundreds of thousands of impressions.

We recently launched an Instagram account and while our posts have been sporadic, the rates of engagement have been promising. 



Founder Tim Costello is passionate about all things digital and has a keen interest in current affairs. Tim holds a Masters degree in International Relations, a BA in Economics and Politics, a certificate in Digital Marketing and runs 5 (TIMES 4) in addition to working for a small business.